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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

UVU Backpacking Excursion

So my hiatus as a university faculty is over.  This past fall I had the opportunity to teach at Utah Valley University and loved it!  1st block I co-taught whitewater kayaking and 2nd block I taught a section of backpacking.  This posed a problem with my move to Ogden as the weekly Wednesday commute to Orem on my one day off grew tiring but it was a fantastic experience and I had a great time.

I had a great group of students.  It was an entry level backpacking course including information ranging from the layering system to water purification to group dynamics.  Hopefully the students found the course interesting and useful.  The class culminated last weekend with a 3 day backpacking trip to Escalante National Monument.  Near the thriving metropolis of Boulder Utah we drove east and hiked up what is known as The Gulch.  Hiking north up the canyon was fantastic.  The canyon has a year round water source for the first four miles and is a relatively easy hike.  The small stream provided a small obstacle for those without Goretex shoes but we made our way up the canyon with little difficulty.  A couple of waterfalls and narrow red rock canyons provided plenty of beauty.  The temperature was a bit chilly in the evenings and mornings dropping down to 27 degrees which allowed the students to put much of the newly found knowledge to practice.  All-in-all the trip was a huge success covering 18 miles total (including a day hike up Lamanite Canyon) and hopefully was enjoyed by all.  I know I needed a trip into the wilderness and this trip was perfect!

Before the move to Ogden I was planning on teaching next year but logistically it won't work out.  I loved getting paid to have people forced to listen to me about my obsessions!  But for now I will focus on Canyon Sports which after this last snowstorm is getting super busy.  Also it will allow me to ski or get a long run in on my days off rather than heading south to teach.  Anyway, I hope everyone has their skis waxed because winter is finally here!  Strap on those skis or snowshoes and play hard this winter!