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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Boston 2015

I've now been to the Boston Marathon 4 out of the last 5 years.  It has become not only an annual occurrence but a ritual!  I have such a deep affinity for the Boston Marathon.  Perhaps it's because Altra was launched here 4 years ago.  So every time I arrive it reminds me of packing up my Suburu and driving across the country starting my company.  Seeing the fruits of those labors is very gratifying.  I expect myself and Altra to be in Boston for many more years to come! 
Busy Busy Altra Booth
It could be that I love Boston because of the history of the race.  All these Boston Qualifiers are here because of what they've worked and sacrificed for.  The energy is so apparent it seems to permeate every meal, conversation, or thought.
3rd Row Seats to the Red Sox
Maybe I'm so connected because of all the amazing experiences I've had.  Although many of the races I have done are much more difficult, the Double has this special wrap around my heart.  I can't quite explain it but I seem to glean all sorts of positive life lessons every time I come. This year the theme was perspective.

This year, the experiences that stuck out to me the most all framed around the humbling concept of perspective.  I was thoroughly humbled and it made me more grateful for my spoiled life.  The first was around mile 11.  I see two runner's ahead of me walking. I think "Those guys look like they are doing the double too!"  NOPE...they were doing the QUAD!  David Clark was at mile 64 and ready to do 40 more.  Zero Limits all the way!  Read more about his incredible story of overcoming addiction here:
David Clark doing a Quad Boston!
12 miles later I went through my first and only low point.  I probably hadn't eaten enough, it started raining, and the road became steeper.  It was the first time in all 3 attempts where I thought "Seriously why am I doing this?!" My thoughts drifted to my busy and stressful life.  I felt under-trained and overwhelmed.  Then like a freight train, it disappeared.  Boston gives certain people an early start to avoid commotion and allow them a bit more freedom from the throngs.  As the first of these runners arrived, I was firmly put in my place.  Tears welled up in my eyes and my life's problems dissolved (see below picture of my inspiration). From there to the finish, 29 miles later, I don't think I had another negative thought cross my mind!  I couldn't and wouldn't allow it.  Life is good, no other thought is worth entertaining.
I arrived at the starting line in 3 hrs 54 min.  My feet felt incredible in the new Altra Torin 2 despite the now pouring rain.  I grabbed a blanket that one of the elites had ditched and headed into the local convenient store to eat a protein bar, 2 banana's, a bag of potato chips, and a couple of Gatorades.  After an hour I headed out to brave what had turned into quite the rain storm.  The next 26.2 miles seemed to float by rapidly.  I was caught up in such a positive flow of energy that it carried me to the finish line in 3 hrs 45 min.  I was happy, inspired, and grateful.  "Good times never felt so good!"

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