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Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 and Ari's 1st Race

Turned 30 this week. A little odd since I don't feel a day over 20 but oh well. To celebrate I went and ran 30 miles on Tuesday. It was awesome until I ran out of food and water. Not the best planning on my part but I only suffered for a few miles. It was nice to get out since I haven't had much of a chance.
Two days later...Ari and I went and ran the Turkey Trot in Orem. I ran the 4 mile race and won my age division! (30-34...its the shoes!) Not too shabby holding a 6 min mile pushing a baby jogger, fighting the crowd for the first mile, and only two days after running 30 miles. Ari having just turned 2 did the 100 meter dash. Lets just say that he went the opposite direction at the start and when I turned him around he sat down and started to cry. The rest of the race went like this:
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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jun said...

Happy Birthday. I had a hard time with 30. 40 will be a breeze. Congrats on the run and the fun week with your family.