The Ultra Experience

Here's to the adventures of my life which are usually ultra marathon trail running or fly fishing but may include other trips, experiences, thoughts, opinions, or pretty much whatever I want. As co-founder of Altra Footwear my life and adventures seemingly revolve more around developing and promoting the best footwear in the world...and I love it!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Random Christmas Post

I didn't wish for too much this Christmas but I wished for and expect to have the best year of running ever! I received some luck from the lottery gods for 2013.  So far I got into Boston Marathon, Miwok 100k AND Devils Backbone 50.  I also expect to get into Wasatch 100 with two tickets in the lottery. After pacing two years in a row to 23:40, my training begins this weeks to achieve the same time.  Having run Cascade Crest 100 in 23:40 earlier this year it seems like the magic number for me!

I'm looking to expand my racing into different avenues.  I'm excited to get two long time bucket list races off the list for 2013.  I seem to get 2 races added for every one I check off but there are many things to do...

On my run the other night I figured out the problem to life...I need more running!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lottery Mania 2013...apps are in.

As I was filling out my Wasatch 100 application today I was giddy.  However, as I was filling out my Hardrock 100 application, my heart sunk.  My Hardrock app needed to be in yesterday.  Very upset about that.  I rebounded by putting my Wasatch application in the mail as well as the Devils Backbone 50 which should give me a rugged experience.  I have now submitted apps for the following races:

Miwok 100k
Western States 100
Devils Backbone
Wasatch 100

Still thinking about putting in for UTMB...and I'll surely do a couple more races.  I also have plans to complete the double Boston Marathon again as well as another stab at the Uintah Highline Trail.  I definitely think I'll need to train for this next years schedule! We will see over the next 2 months what the lottery gods think...