The Ultra Experience

Here's to the adventures of my life which are usually ultra marathon trail running or fly fishing but may include other trips, experiences, thoughts, opinions, or pretty much whatever I want. As co-founder of Altra Footwear my life and adventures seemingly revolve more around developing and promoting the best footwear in the world...and I love it!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barefoot and Minimalistic Running

So I've mentioned several times that I would write about how over the last 5-6 months I have evolved my running. So here goes:

Yes, I have embraced the barefoot movement. In fact some friends and I have created a new website that I think you all should check out. In fact I just published a personal article about how my ultra running has been affected by barefoot running. This blog which has been renamed "The Ultra Experience" will stay the same. It is pretty much my personal journal. However, my theories, articles, running opinions, gear reviews, etc will all be posted on It is on my blog roll so check it often because it is/will be an awesome resource, especially as it grows and develops. It is not a true barefoot site yet we believe in the principles of barefoot running and adapting them to every day runners. Hence barefoot/minimalistic. Running barefoot is still extremely helpful yet not always practical. Check the website, it's pretty cool and it's only at it's early stages.

On a separate everyone getting amped for Squaw Peak 50 2010? Registration is in a week, so do not forget to send in your registration on December 1st. Ran part of the course yesterday and it is as great as ever. Cheers y'all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Final Trip Up Ben Lomond

Ran Ben Lomond for what will probably be my final time for the year. If was nice to get out for a long run in the mountains while the weather was nice. Despite warm weather there was still a bunch of snow on the backside of the mountain which made things exciting. It got a bit dark on the way down but ended up being a perfect Saturday afternoon run. It was my sixth time to the top this year. I would like to try and do it mountaineer style over the winter. What was a 3 hour run will become a 16 hour ordeal. Worth the excitement. I am now ready for it to snow snow snow. Bring on winter!

Final grunt up the backside
Chillin on the top with Willard Peak in the distance

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Update

So Ari and family are doing great. Zanna has recovered incredibly well and I've been able to squeeze a couple runs in. How do you pass up this weather!? I don't find many babies attractive but I'm pleased to say my baby is better looking then most...honestly. Personal bias and emotion involved and I think he is amazingly beautiful. Here are some professional pictures taken 18 hours after Ari's birth. I had no idea how fun it is being a father!