The Ultra Experience

Here's to the adventures of my life which are usually ultra marathon trail running or fly fishing but may include other trips, experiences, thoughts, opinions, or pretty much whatever I want. As co-founder of Altra Footwear my life and adventures seemingly revolve more around developing and promoting the best footwear in the world...and I love it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Diablo 50k

Rain, wind, and mud mud mud...

With a week's worth of rain, unknown to me when I signed up for this race Thursday night, I lined up for this California ultra. Not much to say about the race aside from mud. Having run in some epically muddy races (BSTM '06, Squaw '08, Timp '10) this one was worse. Ever step a battle. Wet cold and windy many didn't finish or were pulled off the course for safety reasons. Thanks to all volunteers who sat out in the rain for those many hours with kind words. The race directors did a great job under the circumstance. The course was beautiful and I enjoyed most of the many river crossings but the sure was tough.

I finished 5th in a time of 5 hrs 37 minutes. It has been a stressful week but when it's all said and done I'm not in that good of shape. Chalk it up for quite the adventure!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

25 miles on Antelope

Went out and ran on Antelope Island yesterday. Must have been nearly 100 runners out on the Island! There were people everywhere. I ended up running with a new group comprised of Craig, Dan, Matt, Kelli, and Scott. We also ran sections with the likes of Shane Martin, Eric Manning, and even Mr Antelope himself, Jim Skaggs.

Weather was perfect, company was great, trails were immaculate, and the 25 miles comprising of the 25k course, elephant head, and the northern campground loop, were awesome. It was great seeing so many people out on the island. Talked lots of shoes and running form. The Lone Peaks continue to impress as I have over 500 miles on my pair and they are still great to run in! More detailed report of the run check out Craig's Blog.

Here's some pictures of the run that I poached: