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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zions Feb 18th-19th

This a greatly delayed post (Internet problems at home) yet about a month ago ( Presidents Day weekend) I was getting some spring fever and headed down to Zions for some backpacking as temperatures were rising. My expectations were meet with temp's reaching into the 60's! Zanna and I meet up with some friends, Scott and his wife Cami, for a weekend trip to Zions. With most of the extended backpacking loops still snowed in we opted for the Chinle Trail along the southwestern tip of Zions. It was a relaxing, fun , and quick trip. The trail was a bit muddy yet still relatively easy. It was just nice to be away from the stress of work and school and go on a beautiful hike. The hike itself was simple. It contoured around the huge Zion monoliths on a relatively flat trail that went through the most amazing petrified forest. It really was incredibly! The trail ends at the only legitimate water in the area, Coalpits Wash, which is about 7 miles each way from the trailhead. Definitely a trail to hike in early spring or late fall. I bet it gets way too hot in summer being that exposed with little water. Its great to be live in Utah though as this hike was only a 3 1/2 hour drive from home, making this a great little weekend hike! Happy Trails!

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