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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving to Ogden

So it's been a month since the Bear 100 DNF and lots of things have happened. The most consuming part of my life has been my move to Ogden. I am super excited about the move. Frankly, I need a change. I love Orem but most of my life has been there. I will always have fond memories of Runner's Corner but again, it was time for a change. It should be fun exploring new trails, new ski resorts, new whitewater, and a new area. To everyone in Utah County I will miss you but I'm sure I'll be around often and see everyone on a semi-consistent bases. Mostly I'll see people at Ultra races and of course my family, whom we will visit as often as possible.

Speaking of Ultra's, it 's sad but true that I already have most of my plans laid out for the first half of next year. As of right now though, I have no plans on running a 100 mile event. I think I need more time for my body to develop that endurance and some more ultra experience. As of right now I'm only running 2-3 times a week pretty easy. I plan on taking the next couple of months to focus on work and recover for next year. My big new goal for 2009 is to try a couple of triathlons! I plan on setting a trail running base and similar race schedule from the last couple years and then do some triathlons over the mid summer. It should be a new adventure!

My new job is also an adventure. I moved to Ogden over the last few days and my first full-time official start day is Monday October 27th. I have spent quite a bit of time there the last couple of weeks but I had to finish up business in Orem first. Canyon Sports is the name store and we do all sorts of outdoor gear. Winter is coming so we are priming up for the ski and snowboard season. We also have all sorts of kayaking, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, and outdoor clothing for sell as well as a full service bike shop. I'm pretty stoked and it should be fun. Canyon Sports is now under new ownership and I think we can make a huge difference in the quality of the store. I got hired as the new general manager which will require a lot of stress and hard work but I feel up to the challenge. If you're in the Ogden area come in for a visit! 4598 S. 700 W. just off Riverdale road. I am still having to teach my backpacking class at UVU on Wednesdays so not only will I be working 40 hrs/week at Canyon Sports, but my day off will be commuting to UVU to teach my backpacking class. Once the class is over and I feel comfortably trained at Canyon Sports life should be a little easier and I can focus my extra time on training! Here's to new adventures!


Roxanne said...

Yah for moving! Too bad I wasn't around to help. Maybe next time? haha!

Marin did introduce me to her friend but no action took place...maybe next time she can hook me up! haha!

since I didn't get any, you shouuld probably give some to Zanna. just do it!

It was really fun seeing you guys!

Christian said...

Good luck at your new adventure, see you on the trails.

Kristen said...

Thanks for saying you'll visit family as much as possible. We are going to miss seeing Aunt Zanna and Uncle Brian as much, so don't be a stranger! In fact I'll just count on you babysitting every Wednesday, when your down here. Your the best brother ever!

Howlett Blog said...

Ah welcome to the triathlon world, that's exciting Brian! We're pretty die hard around here - my wife anyway :-) Hopefully we'll see you around next year.