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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 9th-22nd

Wow, time continues to blow by! My running has been solid but not quite enough. The last two weeks have included 17 and 18 mile runs which have been nice but the consistency hasn't been where I want it to be. However, I did take my camera on one of the Antelope Island runs so enjoy the recent pics!
Seriously though, I can't wait to lay down some sick miles on actual dirt. This current warming trend has me stoked for the next couple of weeks as my miles will go up. The last two weeks I've totalled 67 miles which over a two week period is not enough. I'm reminding myself it's still February however with a 50 mile race coming up in a month I really need a couple of high mileage weeks in preparation.

Anyway, congrats to all who participated in the Moab Red Hot 50K last week. I have horrible memories of getting lost during the race and wrecked knees after the race. If you participated I hope your experience was better than mine. I really need to suck it up and go out there and use it as a training race. I just have issues with a "training race." If I travel to an event and pay good money I'm going to race the dang thing, end of story. I'm probably too prideful though and need to chill out and just do it. At least you ran on something other than snow, which I haven't done much of. Lets hope the trails start opening up soon!

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