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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Injury/Race Schedule Revisited

So as I mentioned in my last random semi-uncalled for outburst of a post, I am unhappy with my running and even worse...injured. Most of the pain seems to have dissipated with focused massage and stretching but that nagging right hamstring, which kept from me from running early last season, continues to be painful. I had several years without injury so I guess you just do what you can and deal with whatever happens. As I will be travelling to the Middle East for a couple of weeks, I hope to rest and get healthy. I arrive home on May 4th which won't give me much time to prepare for Squaw Peak and the chances of getting a PR this year is quite slim. However I am still excited for Squaw Peak and I hope to race well.

I'm disappointed that I will miss the BSTM. It will be on April 25th while I am out of town. For some reason I thought it would be on the 18th. I haven't caught the triathlon training bug so I am up in the air on how much of that I want to do. For now I will focus on getting healthy and Squaw Peak 50. We will see how I feel afterwards. I have yet to register for any other races so we will see what I feel like doing over the summer and fall. Any secrets for recovering from a lingering hamstring injury?


Karl Jarvis said...

Injuries suck! All I can say is to get yourself a good mountain bike - it doesn't work your hams as much and keeps you on the singletrack, where you belong. And you might as well get in some swimming since the impact is almost nothing on hams. Then you'll be set to do the coolest of triathlons- XTERRA. Good luck man.

Missy and Andy said...

Oh that sucks! Injuries are the worst!!! I hope you get healed up fast so you can get back out there!

Evan said...

I am running San Diego 100 in early June but might be in Utah at the end of May. I was looking for a tuner race that would not trash my body. What do you know about the SapperJoe 50k in Riverton? Is it a legit race put on by people that know what they are doing? Will there be decent runners there or will they all be up in Idaho running the 50 that weekend?

Any info would be great.

Also hope you heal up quick.

Anonymous said...

Brian this is Scott, sorry to hear about the injury, hope you find the secret to quick recovery!! I don't know if you remember me I ran the BSTM with you and the Squaw Peak 50, I hav twin sons . . . any way, I talked to Golden recently about the fastpacking trip you and him did. Me and a friend I have actually been planning on doing the last 50 miles of the Wasatch 100 trail over two days. I was wondering did you and Golden have to worry about bears and if so, what did you do? ie:with your food!

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