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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Running

Why is it so hard to train in the winter? Nearly every time I go running in the winter I have a blast yet I still struggle leaving my warm and comfy couch. The first 4-5 minutes are always tough but after that I'm usually great. I did a 2 hour snowshoes run up at Snowbasin today and that was awesome. Hard to run with this latest batch of snow but I needed a long session in the mountains. Probably only made it 7-8 miles. I've decided I'm going to run with snowshoes at least once a week to get ready for the Kahtoola 50k. It's in a month so I better get cracken. Recently I've been using the LaSportiva hobnails in my zero'd Cascadia's and it's been a dream on the packed Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Last two weeks I've only done about 25 miles per week but it's been good solid mileage. I'd like to beef it up over the next three weeks to get in decent shape for the 50k. At least I'm totally injury free right now. On a side note, if you want to know how I feel about the running footwear industry check out my fraudulent theory. Anyway, get out there and run no matter what. You'll feel better.

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