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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Antelope Island 2010 Recap

2010 was truly an epic year for Antelope Island. Nearly every course record was broken during the day with a record 600+ participants. Although I didn't race myself, I volunteered then paced in the 50 mile race and had an awesome day.

My runner Health Thurston ran his first ultra with great success. Running smart and strong from start to finish in a time of 7 hrs and 57 min. I paced him for the last 25 miles and had a fantastic time doing so.

Congrats to 50 mile winners Ryan Burch/Scott Jaime. Scott took a wrong turn with 800 meters to go in the race allowing Ryan to pull ahead for the win. They were within a minute of each other almost the entire race taking over 10 minutes off the course record in a time of 6:33! Elizabeth Vitalis ran a great race and a new course record of 8 hrs flat. She helped push Health the last 15 miles. Tough chick running an awesome race.

Not to be outperformed, Nick Clark ran an incredible 50k race in a time of 3:48! Amazing! Legends Nikki Kimball and Monica Ochs fought for the womens title with Nikki winning for the 2nd year in a row in a time of 4:42.

Also a congrats to Davy Crockett for running the 50 mile loop twice. Always up for an adventure, read about his race here.

It was a perfect day and mad props to Jim Skaggs for putting on such a large and successful series. Don't miss out next year! It was great to be part of the Utah ultra community and seeing such quality people and runners all in one spot. It's always a pleasure. Now go run...

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