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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wasatch Prep

As the nervous excitement mounts in the days before Wasatch, I carefully prepare everything I can think of. I probably over-think the whole process but I am amazed at how much preparation is needed. The amount of calories consumed is the cost of the food, entry fee, crew time and gas, etc. It really is a huge process. Then you start calculating splits, crew logistics, pacers, change of clothing, race day temps, etc and wow is there a lot of work to be done!

With this being my 4th 100 mile attempt, I hope to learn from previous experience and maximize my present fitness. In
Wasatch'07 I ignorantly went for a sub-24. I came up with horrible blisters and shuffled in for a painful 29+ hr finish. At the Bear '08 I ran a solid first 60 miles but went overboard on my caffeine intake and blew up quickly. Regrettably I dropped at mile 70. I wish to this day I would have slept it off for 2-3 hours and go on to finish but in the moment I chose to DNF. At the Bear '09 I was in the worst shape of all but ran a very smart and conservative race finishing in just over 27 hours. I gained a lot of confidence from the way I ran that race.

For Wasatch 2010 I have decided that my main goal is to PR. I am arguably in the best shape over this four year stretch yet hope to run a smart race like in '09. My goal time is 26 hours. I think it would be too much of a gamble to go out at a sub 24 split. I feel confident that I can run 26 hours. I'm young and will have plenty more years to go for that sub-24. I intend to start VERY easy and be consistent in my pace from start to finish. I have never been more excited for a 100 mile race. Bring Wasatch On!

Anticipated 2010 Splits:
Start- 5:00am
Francis- 9:15am
Big Mtn- 2:00pm
Lambs- 5:00pm
Millcreek- 7:30pm
Brighton- 11:30pm


peter said...

You are wise to go for a conservative pace, and not set expectations too high. Finishing should be the goal, and time is, as Uncle Dave puts it, icing on the cake. You are going to have a great race, and I wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself finishing well before the sun is up. Hope we can run a few miles together on Friday.

jun said...

I think that 26 hours is reasonable. As this is only the 2nd time you've run Wasatch a PR is pretty much a guarantee, as long as you don't blow up again. And who knows, you could always come in faster than planned. It's been known to happen once or twice. Good luck.