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Friday, December 10, 2010

First Road 5k in years

So I up and did a road 5k the other day. No speed work, just left over ultra training. I went out uber conservative. After half a mile I picked up the pace and after the first mile I decided to go for it. I passed person after person. Once I had the 3 mile marker in site I kicked as hard as I could passing 3 more people. I finished in a time of 17:56. I was quite proud of myself. Especially, since I was wearing the Altra Adams which is a super minimalist shoe. With only a 3mm outsole and 3mm of cushion under my foot I had much less than a racing flat under my foot but I didn't mind as I cruised up and down the undulating course. Most shoes are way overbuilt in my opinion and with decently strong feet and good form, you just don't need so much shoe! Anyway, I loved the shoes and had a ton of fun for my first road 5k in nearly 5 years. It was fun and made me want to do a few more road races. I'm seriously considering doing a road marathon next year just to see what I could do time-wise. Anyway, I was surprised how much fun I had and how well I did in this fun little 5k.


Hone said...

Nice time. 5k are are fun races.

I am getting into Utah this Monday night but will be in Nephi until Wed before I head up to the Alpine area for a few days. If you are around let me know and lets get out for a run.

Also get a size 12 of the Altra shoes made quick. I think you have a winner on your hands. Those suckers are sweet.

Anonymous said...

I have not had email until now...anyways sorry about yesterday. I hit a pothole on the highway Thursday night and woke up with a flat. I did not have any contact info to get a hold of you and I could not get out there until the tire was fixed. I will look you up next time I am in Utah and hopefully we can get out for a run. Sorry about the no show.