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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Already planning for 2012

Yes as winter approaches I'm dreaming of next Spring. I love aspects of Winter but since I didn't train or race much of 2011 I'm not ready to give it up. I'll enjoy the Winter and will be traveling quite a bit but I'll be dreaming of getting back into race shape.

I have or will be applying for Hardrock, Western, and Wasatch. I'd love nothing more then running Hardrock and Wasatch next year but we will see. If I don't get into either I'll probably do Leadville and Bear. As early season tests I'm looking at doing Antelope 50k, Zion 50 or Timp Trail Marathon, and Squaw Peak 50. It seems like I do so much traveling now that I love coming home and don't want to travel to race. Utah has it all!

I did go out and run a road 1/2 marathon in August. No specific training and with barely 3 days of running a week I was able to run a 1:17! Very pleased. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but don't have any plans of becoming a roady. The mountains still hold a special allure for me. I was also able to run Hobble Creek Half in my own shoes which was very gratifying. The Altra Instincts performed perfectly and continue to gain traction across the country! The Lone Peaks finally released this past week which has also been exciting. Lots of work to start a footwear company but we've produced some pretty freaking awesome shoes....

We have some new models coming next year and they will need to be thoroughly tested, hence I'm planning on having a great 2012!

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