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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fourth one is the charm!

Hardrock: Strike-out
Western: Strike-out
Wasatch: Strike-out (VERY depressed about that one)

So I put in for Cascade Crest 100 a couple days before the cut-off and I'M IN!! I've since done a bunch of research on this race and am very excited to be heading to Washington come August. Looks like a very solid course that will match my style and strengths.


Christian said...

Congrats on getting into Cascade. You're going to really dig it. Greg and I ran it back in 2010 and had a great experience there. Between the course and the organization you can't go wrong (plus being at sea level helps just a little). Let me know if you want some beta on the race.

Ed said...

I am going to go back and see what the issues were with your first three if they are on your blog. I am just starting down the ultra path and the 100 is my goal in the next few years. Best of luck on the Cascade!

Ed said...

Oh wait! I read this post as you DNF'd at the other races. But After I read down a little further you just struck out on getting into the race. Big diffence. LOL.