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Friday, August 10, 2012

Outdoor Retailer +

Heli-Running, an adrenaline junky trail runner's dream, the process of being taken to a high remote mountain and running/finding your way down!  Sissy- probably, but its so much fun I don't feel bad at all.  I've climbed enough mountains that getting a one-off freebie it ok in my books.  Particularly when its with one of the editors of Runner's World magazine!  We had a blast.

I also got roped into running the uphill challenge at Outdoor Retailer.  I didn't take last so I felt pretty good about that.  I actually finished 10th out of 16 runner's so for a semi-out-of-shape downhill runner, I did pretty awesome.  Max King slaughtered everyone but the highlight was watching Luke Nelson and Anton Krupicka duke it out head-to-head.  Luke won by .01 miles.

Also had a chance to run trail 151 around Timpanagos this week.  24 amazing miles.  It was incredible....maybe it was the new Altra shoe I was testing "The Superior."  Either way, the shoe and/or the trail created on awesome morning on the mountain.
 I'll be heading out to run Corner Canyon 50K for my last attempt to get some miles in before Cascade Crest in 2 weeks.  I'm totally unsure of my fitness right now due to the inconsistent training and work related stress but when I have run recently, I've felt great.  100 miles has a way of exposing weaknesses though...

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