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Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Official Race Schedule

Funny how you put the word official in front of something and it becomes so much more legit!  Anyway, after much contemplation, thought, and lottery luck, my 2013 race schedule is complete!  Here it is:

Antelope Island 50k -March
Boston Marathon Double- April
Miwok 100k- May
Devil's Backbone 50- July
Wasatch 100- Sept

I might throw in some shorter races this season and definitely some adventure runs but the big three of Miwok, Devil's, and Wasatch will be the focus.  I particularly want to go after Wasatch pretty hard this year.  Congrats to all the others who got into Wasatch and sorry for those who didn't....I've been there.  Looking forward to an awesome 2013!

On a side note- it's not a custom made Karl Meltzer special, but Ari and I had a blast sledding yesterday...

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Seth Wold said...

Good luck with the intense schedule. It is fun to see you and Ari having a great time.