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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Flying out to Japan today and everything is prep'd! The Ultra Trail Mount Fuji has a few reroutes that will make the race 105.7 miles this year.  Adding 6 miles seems cruel.  Longest race of my life, as if the 28,000 feet of climbing wasn't already intimidating enough...

Fitness level is solid although a touch weak on the climbing side of things.  However I'm in the best shape I can remember during the the month of April with solid long runs and tune up races. Had a little arch flare-up and a head cold last week that put a damper on my taper but I nipped that in the butt quickly (see below).

This is going be be a huge adventure and I can't wait for the challenge.  The race entrance list is daunting with names like Hara yoshikazu, Sebastian chaigneui, Anton krupicka, Altra athlete Nick Clark, Gary Robbins, Brendan Davies, Dave Mackey, and glen Redpath, etc etc etc.  1600 people in this Ultra!  I have a solid plan for a 27-30 hour finish as I won't be competing for the win among that international field.  Heck, I've never done a 100 miler this early in the season let alone such a tough one in a foreign country but I have the best gear in the world to help, a Japanese crew, my wife will be there with me, and life is good!  Off to conquer UTMF!

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