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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2008 Ultra Race Calender

It's getting that time of year when you need to apply for the 2008 ultramarathons. I hope everyone is figuring out their schedules. Luckily I'm not overly concerned about WS100 and Montrail's claim of it being the world championships, which for the record I think Karl is right about Montrail being on the downward slope(I hate Columbia!) and the whole situation being lame. Personally I'm looking forward to racing this year. Last year I had lofty expectations which for the most part were not met. This year I'm taking a much more chill approach, although I hope to continue to learn and improve as an ultrarunner. So far I have the first half of my schedule sorted out but with my wife and I graduating in April, things are up in the air for the second half of the year (anyone have a six figure salary opening??). So here is what my ultra schedule is looking like:

Jan 26th- Kahtoola 50K
March 22nd- Antelope Island 50K
April 19th- Bonneville Shoreline Marathon
June 7th- Squaw Peak 50 miler
July 12th- Devils Backbone 50

?Katcina Mosa 100K
?Mt Disappointment 50 miler CA
September ???-
?TransRockies Relay
?Bear 100

Who knows exactly where I'll be but is should be fun! Any advice? Anyway, happy running and here's to a great 2008 year of trail running!! :)

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Meet the Yardley's said...

Hey Brian! We just found your blog from facebook. Love all the pictures. Tell your cute wife that Julie says hi... (this is julie, not kyle calling your wife cute!) Anyway, come down to Beaver soon for a visit. Take care... the yarldey's.