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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goblin Valley

So last weekend I led a small group of people to Goblin Valley for my job as an adventure trip leader at UVSC. It was a quick weekend trip without being hardcore. We just had a fun and relaxing weekend. Also my wife Zanna was able to come on this trip which is always fun. It was the full moon that night so hiking around the Valley of the Goblins was brilliant to say the least. The next day we also hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon, which is a very cool yet accessible slot canyon in the area. It's just a neat little area.
It was also my two year anniversary of Ultramarathoning! Exactly two years early I ran my first Ultra event which was....the Goblin Valley 50K. Being there definitely brought back some memories. Sadly the race was cancelled this year. I've heard substantial rumors indicating that it will be back next year. Hopefully huh?

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Lese Holzapfel said...

It was a great two years of races! I am looking forward to many more!