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Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 "The Training Begins"

So 2009 is here and already moving swiftly onward. It brings forth a whole year of anticipation for upcoming trips, runs, and adventures. I've accumulated quite the list so far and I'm excited. After what was a transition year in 2008 for me, I'm excited to be in a more stable part in life that hopefully will allow me to focus on what is really important in life....running!

Ok, maybe I can work on accountability, family, work, religion, etc....but when my mind starts to wander, it dreams of singletrack! As far as the accountability is concerned, I've literally just ran whenever I could in past years. Some weeks it was 20 miles and some weeks it was 90 miles. My schedule was always so crazy that I just did whatever I could. This year I intend to keep weekly totals that I will openly post so people can either mock or be amazed. Hopefully it's the later. These will be brief weekly totals, not long daily boring descriptions, and I intend to update my blog more frequently aka finish my John Muir Trail reports.

More exciting news is that the Runner's Corner Mountain/Ultra Team has secured some corporate sponsors! This year our sponsors will be Hammer Nutrition and Golite Apparel. Pretty exciting stuff. Last year with injuries, trips, school, and a new job I didn't race too much so this year I hope to have a full and successful season of racing. Plus after taking the last 3 months off running I'm mentally and physically ready to rip off some killer times. We'll see but 2009 should be a good year.
My race schedule for 2009 is as follows:
Antelope Island 50 miler
Squaw Peak 50
Logan Peak
Scofield Olympic Distance Triathlon
Katcina Mosa 100K
Ogden Valley Sprint Triathlon
Las Vegas 1/2 Ironman
Ogden Valley 50 miler

I think it's a pretty solid race schedule. A couple of these races are still questionable but my key races will be Squaw Peak 50, Katcina Mosa 100K, and the Vegas 1/2 Ironman. Depending on how I enjoy these triathlons a full ironman may be in the schedule for 2010! For now it's all about setting a solid base for 2009 and skiing as much as possible. Happy New Year Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Man, that is so hard core. I'll never understand how someone can run 50 miles at once.

Brad Mitchell said...

Hey Brian, Glad to see you found my blog. Doughtful of a new record at Squaw this year? The field is pretty stacked. I had to toss a coin between Bighorn 100 or Squaw and Bighorn got it (Squaw for 2010), although i'm not real healthy right now so I'm questioning Bighorn. I've already scratched Antelope Island and Boston - bummer, I was hoping to lower the Antelope time a little bit more plus its a new course.
Reads as thiough you have 09 figured out. Congrats on securing some sponsors for your Team. I signed on with La Sportiva for 09, super excited.
Train smart, race hard, stay healthy and best of luck with the season, maybe we'll bump into each other on the trail!