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Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 11th-17th

It was great to start training again. I've been itching to get out but haven't found the time. With my schedule balancing becoming better, I am determined to find the time to train and make 2009 a great year.

This week was a balance of treadmill, road and trail totaling exactly 30 miles. It culminated with a great 11 mile trail run on Saturday. I'm feeling a few aches and pains but overall I feel great. Surprisingly I felt in decent shape although I'm sure I was going slower than I thought.

This week will probably be a lower mileage total but it's the annual winter Outdoor Retailer. I'll get my miles walking the show. You can look forward to a review of any new products hitting the market from me next week. Nothing is being hyped aside from an overall concern for low specialty retail totals.

Unfortunately the average consumer in America is being ever more concerned and/or lazy with their purchasing. Online retail and one stop big box stores are hurting but specialty retail is literally dying. Why is this? Having worked in small specialty retail stores for half my life I am biased but what is the allure for buying something that you've never tried on or touched? I can't fathom buying a pair of shoes or shorts that I haven't tried on! Anything to save a buck I guess. For me, I pride myself on buying everything possible from local independent specialty shops. Why support corporate America who cares nothing about you aside from their stocks when you can support your neighbor and local economy? My wife and I have become particularly attached to our local produce stand. You can literally taste the difference. Anyway, does anyone else have a good reason for not supporting and buying from local specialty shops? I would be interested to hear some opinions. Anyway, stick with your New Year's resolutions (usually marketing strategies from corporate America) aka train smart and buy local!


Erik said...

Brian- we missed you on Saturday. Did you make it to the Zoo late, or just sleep in? Hope it works out next time!

Evan said...

I ran into one of your buds that was on a training run while I was running the HURT last week. I cant recall his name but he said he knew Golden as well. Anyways we live in a small world.