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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ben Lomond Peak

After a very stressful week at the Outdoor Retailer (more on the highlights later), I decided it was time for a nice long run. I had yet to summit the looming Ben Lomond Peak, located above North Ogden, and I decided today would be the day. My running has been casual this past month. Consistent 25-30 mile weeks but I hadn't done any long runs. This would be a bit of a test.
Minutes out of the trailhead I saw a sign that distressed me. As of July 15th motorbikes would be allowed on the trail. Moments later the deafening roar of motorized bikes and the ensuing dust cloud surrounded me. I know I've offended people on my blog, which I have never intended, but understand this perspective and do not take it personally. It is a horrible shame that a pristine wilderness setting such as the trail to Ben Lomond is marred by loud trail damaging vehicles. Maybe it was my experience at Wasatch 100 when at mile 92 as I was descending into Pot Bottom I almost got ran over by a couple of motorcyclists who could care less that I had been running for 26 hours. Anyway I was appalled that motorbikes are allowed on such pristine high use trail trail.

Aside from almost being run over a couple times by motorbikes I had an amazing time on the beautiful single track trail. Views of Ogden, Eden, Logan, and the Great Salt Lake complemented the array of wildflowers and distant peaks. I felt great the whole way up and even better on the way down. Means I need to get my butt out of bed in the mornings and do some more long runs. My new goal is to run this peak once a week! The ascent took me 1 hr 48 minutes and the descent took me 1 hr and 7 minutes for a perfect 3 hour 16 mile run. Something special occurs on such a trail run which you can't fully explain. If you've had it, you understand. If you haven't, no words can describe.


Joel Hatch said...

I totally agree with you Brian, BL should be motor free.

FYI - we had our baby a week ago.

7lbs 9oz
21 inches
born 7/19/09 at 9:13 p.m.

See ya on the trail soon...


Missy and Andy said...

What??? They let motorbikes on that trail? That is a joke! That trail is too pretty to be destroyed by motorbikes! Isnt that what the sand dunes are for?

You should start a petition! I will sign it!

Manners said...

Well said. I too have had many excounters with motor bikes. It is a shame. Great run though. You should add on Willard Peak. Gives you a few more miles and even more scenery.

Brian Beckstead said...

Congrats on the baby Joel! Does this mean you'll finally start running again?

I should start a petition! It's totally pathetic. Glad to see Missy is healthily pregnant.

Manners- Let me know when you guys are getting together so I can tag along.

Thayne said...

I feel your frustration at the noise, dust, and pollution. Aren't there plenty of trails to destroy up American Fork Canyon? Why open new ones? I chased two motor bikes off an unmarked wilderness trail (deer trail) nrst Timp last week - they had chainsaws and were "clearing" the trail so they could "get through". classic mentality...