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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Uintah Fastpacking Loop (anyone interested?)

So my yearly fastpacking trip is coming up and I've talked to several people who are interested in coming along so I thought I would throw out the invitation to anyone who is in shape and up for a challenge.
The trip this year is a unique loop composed of some of the highest sections of the Uintah Mountains in Northeast Utah. The trip will be from August 11th-17th and will total 65-70 miles. We will start at the East Fork Black Fork trailhead and proceed south on trail 103. Up and over Squaw pass then taking a left turn onto the Highline Trail 025 over Porcupine Pass, Tungsten Pass, and finally Anderson Pass. From here we will head along the Kings-Emmons Ridge bagging Kings Peak, South Kings Peak, Painters Peak, and Trail Rider Peak. All 13,000 ft peaks, before traversing south into Timothy Basin. From Timothy Basin we will head west along trail 055 over Bluebell Pass to Milk Lake and then bushwhack north to the rarely visited Kings Lake. Continuing the journey we will reconnect to the Highline Trail before quickly heading north on trail 054 over Smiths Fork Pass. The final stretch will consist of trail 111 over Bald Mountain to the starting point of East Fork Blackfork Trailhead. Catch all that? Check out the map below:

Right now the crew looks like it will be myself, Golden Harper, Shane Martin and possibly 1 or 2 more. The goal is to move fast and light while catching as many fish as possible! If you are dying for an adventure, are an experienced backpacker, and are in trail marathon+ shape, give me a call or email me at runfishyrun at hotmail dot com. Yes I'm aware I've limited who is invited by a drastic margin but this is my vacation. I know it's last minute and getting work off is near impossible but this route has to be one of the coolest routes I've ever seen and I'm quite proud to claim it as uniquely my own. Let me know asap if interested. It will be great high altitude training for that fall 100 miler or marathon you're training for. Life is it up!