The Ultra Experience

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tackling the Beast

I just hadn't been feeling well most of the year. I couldn't put my finger on it but my body was off kilter. After taking most of June off running I started back slowly in July but most runs would end the same...massive stomach aches a mere 25-30 minutes into each run. As I would walk back to the trailhead I would curse my misfortune but I didn't know what was wrong. Aside from stomach issues an overall drain of energy followed me wherever I went and whatever I did.

Finally towards the end of July after struggling though 35 mile weeks, my wife booked an appointment to go visit a doctor ( I hate going to the doctor!). She feared I had contracted a parasite from our Middle East trip in the spring and since my primary problem since then including Squaw Peak 50 was severe stomach pain and diarrhea, I conceded. Come to find out I had a bacteria called h. pilori which, as in my case, was accompanied with a peptic ulcer!

Within days of starting my medication I was feeling significantly better and starting to crank out the mileage. The Uintah trip gave me even more confidence when at the end of a tough week of backpacking I easily cranked out 22 miles. That only feed my momentum and now for the month of August I have comfortably run 311 miles including 96 miles this past week and feeling better then ever.

What have I decided to do with this sudden comeback? Head back to my former nemesis The Bear 100. I sent in the application today and am fully committed with one goal in mind...finish in under 30 hours. Pride aside I intend not to race this event but to run it. There is a distinct difference. Less stress, less pride, but a more controlled focus. The DNF from last years event has haunted me and I intend to get the monkey off my back by running a smart and solid Bear. There are other aspects to my sudden increase in mileage. I'll post on the biomechanical changes on my next post. For now it's time to tackle the bear!

Still feeling good somewhere around mile 25 w/ Christian Johnson. Bear 100 2008.