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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ben Lomond, Mtn Goats, and I...

After a long weekend of work (aka huge Labor Day Sale), I was aching to get out on a nice run. Quite literally actually as I had tweaked my back slepping a kayak around at work. So I hit my favorite trail...Ben Lomond. I went out at a conservative clip but felt solid and just maintained the effort. 45 minutes into the run I realized I hadn't walked a step and still felt great. On a whim I committed myself to running every step of the way.

I wasn't breaking any speed barriers but I was just motoring along with effortless strides under very moderate and comfortable temperatures. As I was nearing the final mile which I knew would be a grunt I looked up to behold a small herd of mountain goats!....then another group...and another! To my dismay I counted nearly 40 goats on the face of the mountain. It was incredible and with the surge of adrenaline it only furthered my determination to run the peak.

Those who have run the peak know what the last mile is like. Torn up trail, steep switchbacks, and on this occasion, mountain goats in every direction. As I neared the summit fatigue set in and the pace slowed but my determination never faltered as I grunted up the final section to what felt like the top of the world. My time to the top: 1:41 via N. Ogden Divide without walking or stopping for a second. I felt great and was quite proud of myself. To my surprise there were 5 more mountain goats feeding not 20 yards away! It was surreal.

The way down was equally impressive as the mountain goats were even closer. I took my time and relaxed making it down in exactly an hour. It's amazing what we have at our disposal along the Wasatch Front. On a side note, I will be manning the Sessions Lift Off aid station this weekend and pacing a buddy the last 25 miles. For those running a huge GOOD LUCK is in order.

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Kristen said...

Way to go, Bri! I love accomplishing something better than I anticipated I would! Are you not running this weekend? I was thinking that was the race you told us you were going to run.