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Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Update

So Ari and family are doing great. Zanna has recovered incredibly well and I've been able to squeeze a couple runs in. How do you pass up this weather!? I don't find many babies attractive but I'm pleased to say my baby is better looking then most...honestly. Personal bias and emotion involved and I think he is amazingly beautiful. Here are some professional pictures taken 18 hours after Ari's birth. I had no idea how fun it is being a father!


Missy and Andy said...

Yay! I am glad things are going so well! Your pics are fantastic! I love the last little one!

I have to say...he is a cute little guy! We should hook our kids up!

Leslie said...

That first pic is super cute! Congrast again guys!

Anonymous said...

That is a terrible name. Poor kid.

Brian Beckstead said...

I feel bad for you. It must suck going through life having no friends and being a jerk all the time. Please don't visit my blog.

Missy/Andy & Leslie- Thanks for the support!