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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Running

June is possible my favorite month of running. There are never any looming races after Squaw, the trails are clear and not overgrown, the streams are still full for cooling baths, the wild flowers are out, the weather is warm but not blistering hot, and the mountains are green green green.

Yesterday I ran an absolute classic Utah County run and it was incredible. I started at Grove Creek and ran up Grove Canyon. After 4 miles of beautiful climbing I connected to trail 151 and followed it 8 more miles through perfect singletrack all the way to Timpooneke Campground on the backside of Mt Timpanogos. With views of Lone Peak, Pfiefferhorn, the Wasatch course, and 3 angles of Timp it was epic and highly recommended. Once at Timpooneke I filled my water bottles, cooled off in the river, and headed back for the perfect 24 mile run. I'm unsure of many 20+ mile runs in the world that start from a city that even come close to the quality of terrain and scenery.

As far as racing is concerned, there are a few races this weekend. I've decided to check my leg speed and run the Gruesome Grizzly 8k in Provo Canyon, Logan Peak (which filled up this year with 100 entrants!) is this saturday and a 20+ mile run that does compare to my experience yesterday, and finally the big daddy, Western States 100 is this weekend. I can't remember a race with more hype than this years WS100. Who know how its all going to boil down but for what its worth here are my picks:
1st-Geoff Roes
2nd-Hal Koerner
3rd- Killian Jornet

1st-Nikki Kimball
2nd-Devon Crosby-Helms
3rd-Meghan Arboghast


Anonymous said...

Hey! We miss you @ Canyon Sports. Good to see you're doing well. Give us a call. We want to know all about your "projects". And I also need your address to send you some stuff...
keep running.

Anonymous said...

That run from Grove Creek to Timp Campground sounds great! What about carrying it on to the top of Timp, now that would be an event.