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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Squaw Peak 2010 Competitors

It's always difficult to gauge the results of a race but it seems like there are fewer competitive guys in the race this year but the chase pack is large as always. Meltzer is out, the MRC guys are injured or focused on different races, and I'm unaware of any green uber fast marathoner or Colorado guy showing up. If I'm missing anyone please let me know and I'll get this list updated!

1st- Kevin Shilling. Great shape as always and after last weeks miss turn should be able to get the win.

Chase Pack:

Allen Belshaw- Not sure if this guy is in top shape but with 2 previous Squaw wins you can never count him out.

Brian Beckstead (myself)- feeling good and ready to rip this one.

Fritz Van de Kamp

Karl Jarvis

Todd Schmidtke

Scott Kunz

Shane Martin

Dave Hunt

David Hayes

Matt Conners

Phil Lowry

Surely there are some more that should be or are consistent top me out!

Ladies race should be a solid competitive field. Competition includes:

Darcie Gorman

Sara Evans

Birgitta Johnson Mitchell

Marci Lameroux

Melanie Clayton

Milada Copeland

Jill Bohney

Deanna McLaughlin

Eve Davies


Karl said...
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Karl said...

We'll definitely miss the MRC crew. Bummer for all those that went to Pocatello and didn't get to finish the race.

peter said...

Better add Fritz Van De Kamp to your list. 2 marathon wins this spring. Will definitely be fast.

Anonymous said...

Rich is running and part of MRC

Brian Beckstead said...

Karl- Ya I heard the conditions at Poca 50 were crazy! Weather on Sat look to be very nice. Slightly warmer than usual but near perfect.

Peter- I knew Fritz was in the race and spaced it when I posted. Thanks. He should do well.

MRC- Rich and Sam are in but Erik, Christian, Jay, Peter, and Greg out out. Sorry Rich but rumor has it said "He's in horrible shape." So I don't think any of MRCer's will be competing for top 10. Correct me if I'm wrong though!