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Saturday, July 17, 2010

NUTS 1/2 Marathon

So after not running Wed or Thurs this week I decided late Thursday night to get my butt in gear and run this 1/2 marathon on Saturday. It was the first running of the Northern Utah Trail Series 1/2 Marathon. I have been working on leg turnover for the last few weeks and decided to try another short race. I was ill prepared due to a late sign up and from being at a party with friends until late Friday but regardless I got up early to drive to Ogden for the race.

The starting line was a bustle of activity with almost 100 starters, many like myself were registering that morning. Once the race started it narrowed quickly to a single track. Cody Draper jumped into first place with myself in second heading up the first climb. And that was pretty much the race! Well at least placing wise. We ran together the first 4-5 miles before I dropped off on the 2nd climb going up Strongs Canyon. Looking back on it I should have stayed up with him but I went out conservatively. The surprise was when I looked over my shoulder there was a lady behind me! Later I found out it was elite marathon runner Kristine Spence (2:35!).

At the turnaround Cody had a couple minutes on me and I didn't think I could catch him especially climbing out of Beus Canyon but with most of the last 5 miles being rolling downhill I not only cruised but felt great all the way to the finish. Come to find out, Cody beat me by less than a minute. My time was 1:50.46 on a 13.7+ mile course. I was happy with the way I ran and wished I would have pushed it a little earlier...but if I had maybe I wouldn't have felt so great the last few miles. All-in-all I accomplished what I wanted--pushed my leg speed, ran smart, and had a good time. A second place finish was nice as well. Results here.

Aric and Joel did a great job organizing the event and the course was great. Nice climbs, technical terrain, well placed aid stations all in a low key affordable event. Good times. But now I need more mileage so out for another run tonight!


BJ said...

Nice work Brian. It was nice meeting you there.

Manners said...

Hey Brian-
Thanks again for coming out. Great job on the 14 miler......