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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Battle at Big Springs 8k

So again I decided to run another short race. This one was probably my favorite course. The beautiful singletrack up Big Springs is nearly perfect!

I started conservative going up the first several hills. I worked my way up the pack a mile into the race before the trail narrowed. I then got into a nice rhythm rolling my way up to the Springs. As I got to a crucial turn I hesitated and veered right when 50-60 yds later I realized I went the wrong direction. Some kids had removed the log and markings blocking the trail. Frustrated and tired I turned around. 3-4 people had passed me but luckily we were near the top and I was able to turn on the downhill speed. I quickly passed all the people who had gotten in front of me due to my mishap. As I flew down I eventually saw Clark out in front of me. He hadn't taken the wrong turn and had barely beaten me the last race so I went after him. With a 1/4 mile left I caught him but when he realized that I was on his tail he surged out-kicking me again. I finished 5th in a time of 35:18. I felt great nearly the whole race. I was frustrated about the wrong turn but it only cost me 1 placing and less than a minute. This race is my new favorite 'short' race. I had a blast. Also, if anyone finds a Garmin 205 on the trail let me know. Dan Varga took a hard spill and lost his. I'm sure he would appreciate it back so keep an eye out.

I didn't want to go too hard but for some more miles a bunch of us decided to run up and over Lightening Ridge then down Rock Canyon for an extra 12 miles. It was great for me and I'm feeling solid going into Katcina Mosa next week.

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