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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 2011

June is almost over and the days are getting shorter. Average weekly mileage is hanging around 20 which usually means one 10-15 miler and one or two 4-6 milers. Really sad but life is busy. Here's a few places I've been and fun things I've done recently.
  • Marked the middle out-in-back section of Squaw Peak 50. (I've yet to hear a wrong turn story on this section although I'm sure its out there....)
  • Worked the Squaw event and then ran a few miles with Ben Corralles, then a few more, then he convinced me to go with him to the end. 20+ mile trail run and Ben an awesome 2nd place.
  • Quick sales trip to LA teaching LTR classes, group run, and visiting prospective stores.
  • 9 Day trip to Wisconsin, Chicago, and Minnesota.
  • Ran Ragnar Chicago but since it was last minute and I'd already booked a hotel, I ran all 3 legs back-to-back-to-back. 15.8 miles in 1:45 which is sub-7 minute miles off the couch. Felt pretty awesome!
  • Visited the Chicago Institute of Art on my one day off. As an avid art fan, I loved all the various works from El Greco to Picasso.
  • Missed my flight home, then 2 flat tires in each of my cars the following days. Rough weekend....but went fishing for the first time this year, and yeah, I still have it!
  • Was interviewed by Park City TV (broadcasts later this summer) for two spots, one for barefoot running and the second on Altra!
No more Ultra's for me this year though. I was toying with doing Bear 100 but with my schedule I've decided to hold off. I will be out at Hardrock pacing Ben Corralles and will be at Wasatch pacing/volunteering for sure. After 5 1/2 years I'm making my return to a road 1/2 marathon in Hobble Creek. Hopefully going to throw in a marathon somewhere as well. Got to get out running more since the weather is nearly perfect right now.

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