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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sawtooths 2011

Last weekend I had the chance to do an adventure run in the Sawtooth Mountains of central Idaho. 25 miles, 3 mountain passes, and some great flyfishing. Beautiful terrain.


jun said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I may need to hit you up for some details next spring as I prepare my adventure calendar for next summer. That seems like a must-do run.

Clynton Taylor said...

Awesome! I was there a month ago. Some of the most beautiful terrain and views I've ever seen. My knees were really bad so only got to do some hiking, no running. Thanks for sharing!

OldGoat said...

Kinda wimpy! Next summer join us for the third annual "Sawtooth 100"; two day loop, Iron Creek to Pettit Lake, 55 miles day one, return via different trails, 45 miles day two. Close to 20,000 elev. gain. Mandatory 8 hour layover, exceptional support crew at Pettit Lake. Ask me at