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Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 Plans

My 2012 plans are slowly coming together despite my hectic schedule. Its looking like it will be a solid year of epic running. Here's the plan thus far:

April- Boston Marathon, MA
June- Squaw Peak 50, UT
July- Resurrection Pass 50, AK
August- Cascade Crest 100, WA
Sept- ?110k in Japan!? (if it works out). If not, Bear 100, UT.
Nov- Antelope Island 100k, UT
Dec- ?Australia...Chile...!?

We will see how it all turns out with my work schedule and a new baby due in June. The first 4 races are pretty much set in stone but we will see how the second half of the year pans out...

Here's a picture I took many years ago near the Resurrection 50...happy 2012 running!

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jun said...

Solid plans. That would make for an amazing year.