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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taiwan + Antelope 50k =??

I'm getting on a plan this morning for Taiwan and my mind is going to 7 days from now when I run the Antelope Island 50K.  My training has been mediocre but the interesting part of the scenario is the my return flight from Taiwan lands Friday night at 7:35pm.  The race starts 12 hours later.  Will I fall asleep at mile 23 during the race?  Was my training nearly enough?  How will my system/stomach react?  The last time I flew internationally and raced was in Japan where I had a 2 day adjustment and still struggled...

Either way it will be an adjustment.  Excited for the trail season to arrive.  Jim Skaggs classic Antelope Island race marks this and it seems like lots of people will be out on the Island next Saturday.  What event will you be racing?!

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