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Monday, April 1, 2013

+Hong Kong -Antelope...weekly update

Taiwan went great but I had the opportunity to go into Hong Kong for another 4 days instead of coming home.  It meant I had to DNS Antelope Island 50k (very sad) but it was a great opportunity.  Taiwan was fun but didn't really do much for me, however Hong Kong was AWESOME!  Loved it.  Glad to be home though.

Running Update March 23rd- 30th:
18 mile urban adventure through Hong Kong (one of the better city runs I've had...ever!) Saturday
Sunday/Monday off while traveling home
8 trail miles Tuesday
10 trail/road miles Wednesday
9 trail miles Thursday
13 trail miles Friday
20 miles road/trail mix on Saturday

Getting back in shape with the best 8 days of training I've had in 6 months!!  Life is good on the trails in the Spring.  Below are some pics from my Taiwan/Hong Kong trip:

 Taipai Run w/Clayton (pictured)
 Icon/Altra Media Event in Taiwan (check out the shoes!)
Dinner at the Taipei Market
 The 101 (one of the tallest buildings in the world) and my hotel..and Claude.
 Found a mtn to run up in Hong Kong!
 Finishing up a tiring 18 mile run in Hong Kong.
 View from my hotel!
Hong Kong nights!

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Kendall said...

Good times! Glad to see you're still hitting the trails...even in Hong Kong. What an adventure.