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Monday, November 25, 2013

Gear of 2013

So I thought I'd throw out some "Brian's Gear Awards 2013".  What do these awards mean?  Nothing.  However I've really enjoyed these products over the last 12 months and I thought that I would give them some love!

Award #1- Food

This is a split award.  I've been using two new products that have absolutely blown my mind.  The first is VFuel Gel.  Its amazing not only in quality but also in taste.  I mostly use the Peach Cobbler but word on the street is that they are coming out with a couple new flavors for 2014!  Why do I love these so much?  Well, the gel uses no frustose, low caffeine (10mg), and the secret sauce of MCT oil.  For more info check out

The second food find is MetaSalt.  Its packed with goodies.  I've felt that most salt tablets lack salt or trace minerals.  This has both PLUS gastrointestinal items like, black pepper, peppermint, licorice, and ginger.  This pill is amazing...

I have had ZERO stomach issues since using these combined two products and ran some great races with them.  Highly recommend both products.

Award #2- Hydration

UltraSpire wins this award hands-down but in particular is the Revolution Pack.  As someone who hates bladders, has no butt so waist packs drive me nuts, and handhelds are inefficient (there's good data showing an increase in heart rate & respiratory rate with handhelds compared to packs, and thats with the pack carrying 3 times as much gear...), I LOVE the Revolution.  A 26 oz water bottle, everything you need up front and extra storage in the back, its great.  If needed, I can carry 1 handheld on long hot sections, even store it in the middle back pocket for efficiency.  Props to UltraSpire!

Award #3- Socks

Drymax.  The material olefin is amazing, particularly when its coated with Teflon (ePTFE is Teflon...)!!  The Maximum Protection Running sock is incredible.  I think the max trail is too heavy for me but I've never blistered in this sock with Altra shoes!  3 blisters.  Coming from a traditional shoe and wool sock that prevented me from EVER going over 40 miles without blisters (rarely over 25 miles without blisters), its amazing that that I've done 3 100, 3 100k, 4 50 milers, etc etc without a single blister.  The downfall is the $30 price tag.  I train in the Trail Running lite (no ePTFE coating) and race the Max Protect.

Award #4- Shoes

Runner's World Editors Choice and the last 4 years life project.  My Altra Lone Peak 1.5 are amazing.  Yes I'm biased, but they sure treat me nice!

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