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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Almighty 2014 Race/Adventure Schedule

Well it's that time of year to start bragging of upcoming feats of strength, wishful epic adventures, and basically let the testosterone shine forth out of the cold dark depressing winter.  This is that post for me....

The year that is newly 2014 will be as epically awesome as any year on record.  The newest and most exciting adventure for the Beckstead clan is that we are expecting our 3rd child on July 22nd!!  What was a surprise baby will be welcomed with love, excitement, and probably lots of bruises from two rambunctious older brothers.

In terms of outdoor adventures, they are as follows:
March- Antelope Island 50
April- Ultra Trail Mount Fuji 100 (yep, a 100 mile race circumnavigating Mt Fuji in Japan!)
May-? Probably the local favorite of Timp Trail Marathon
June- Squaw Peak 50
June- Second annual "Fly fishing trip of awesomeness"
July- Baby!
August- Uintah backpacking with my 4 year old
September- Wasatch 100 (revenge with the goal of finishing regardless of time...)
?! Grand Canyon Double crossing- dying to get back to the big ditch

I also have business trips planned for Germany, Taiwan, Japan (+ race!), and Canada.

So overall a pretty awesome year. Add in some epic training runs, mini adventures with my boys, exciting new footwear projects, and a couple dozen single fly fishing days and 2014 will be one big party!  Testosterone to hit 22 miles over the frozen Alpine Loop...


Bryon Powell said...

Good luck slaying that Wasatch beast!

Karl Jarvis said...

Congrats on the upcoming baby! Looks like a fun schedule. Would love to join you for running in the Canyon.

Brian Beckstead said...

Thanks Bryon and Karl. Going to be a good year!

Anonymous said...

Impressive schedule , especially new baby ! Congratulations!
Danny Widerburg