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Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Wasatch 100 Recap (much belated)

Only 6 months belated but since sending in my application and the pending lottery, my mind has wandered back frequently to my 2014 Wasatch 100 experience.  After my epic DNF of 2013 I was out for a little revenge.  Needless to say I had an absolutely amazing experience.  I ran various sections with some amazing people.  My tactical conservative approach to the race was perfect.  I used only 4 dropbags with no crew (wife and 6 week old baby Kate met me at Lambs).  Had no pacers.  It was just me vs the race and I came away feeling triumphant!  Truly one of the more spiritual experiences of my life.  Some races bond friendships others are personal lessons in life.  The 2014 Wasatch 100 was the later.  A run of joy.  Below are some pictures and videos documenting some of my experiences.  Looking forward to many more Wasatch's!

Altra now sponsors Wasatch100.  What a dream

Excited at the start

Chin Scraper

Matthew Van Horn!  Classic

Mile 41sh

Happy as a Lamb


christopher Moffitt said...

Nice work not camping at Aid stations. I need to work on that.

christopher Moffitt said...
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