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Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Race Calendar

Looks like the 2015 race calendar is more or less finalized.  Should be a solid year with most races being close to home this year. Pretty excited for the challenges ahead and I may squeeze in another local race if time/schedule permits.
  • Antelope Island 50k- March 20
  • Boston Marathon- April 20
  • Zion Traverse- May 2
  • Squaw Peak 50- June 6th
  • Capital Reef 100- July 10-11
  • Quest for Kings- August TBD (please not the 8th...!)
  • Wasatch 100- September 11-12
  • Runner's World 1/2- October 18
Combined with business trips to San Francisco, Amsterdam, China, L.A., Austin, and probably a few more, its going to be a busy year!  I'll also will try to catch as many fish as possible...

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