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Sunday, December 6, 2015

2016 Race Schedule, Coming together!

Whoa, another year has past by!  2015 was an exceptional year for me on so many levels.  I moved to a new area, bought a new home, grew my company, and checked off several bucket lists including the big one...UTMB!  2016 looks to be equally spectacular with my next major bucket list race, Hardrock 100, secured.  Here is how my schedule lines up so far:
  • ? USATF Snowshoe Marathon Championship- Snowbasin Feb 28th.  A big maybe and depends on my training over the next 6 weeks.  If I go to Hong Kong then its a no...
  • OR
  • ? Translatua 50/100k- Hong Kong March 12th.  This is my hope and #1 goal for Spring.
  • OR
  • ?Antelope Island 50k- March 19th.  Clearly a no if I head to Hong Kong.
  • Boston Marathon Double- April 18th
  • Zion Traverse- April 29th (not a race but I need to schedule it if there's any hope of heading down...)
  • EcoTrail challenge 80k- Oslo, Norway May 22nd
  • Squaw Peak 50- June 3rd (10th Squaw!)
  • Hardrock 100- July 15th (Focus race for the year!)
  • August- Alaska and other high alpine adventure runs...
  • Bear 100- Sept 23rd  (unless I have a change of mind and put in for Wasatch 100 in the next 3 weeks...)
Usually something is adjusted and I'm not sure about the first couple races.  However, the year is looking pretty locked in and absolutely fantastic.  I feel like I need a little change to elongate my season so I'm leaning towards Bear 100 instead of Wasatch.  Weird but I suspect I'll be manning the Altra aid station and pacing Wasatch 100 instead of running.  Excited to revisit the Bear, particularly so because of my new proximity(I live 2 miles from the start!).  Anyway you slice it, 2016 should be another great year!

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