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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Top 12 fish of 2015

2015 was the best year of fishing I ever had!  I felt dialed all year and seemed to hit every hatch, river, and lake perfectly.  Here's to the top 10 fish of the year along with a few of my favorite videos thrown in.  4 years ago I couldn't have even fathomed how good this years fishing was.  2016 will probably have a few more running days but I'm sure I'll have a few good days on the water too!
#12- Smile for the camera!
#11- Nothing says "I love you" like a 23 inch male Brown Trout!

#10-- Picture doesn't do it justice, this 21.5 inch Cutt was caught while stalking with a small dry fly.  Perfection.
#9-- Green Drake hatch...enough said.
#8--  This 22 inch Brown was caught bouncing this streamer against a log.  When it saw my streamer it came up out of the depths and snatched that thing up in full view.
#7-- Fattest Rainbow trout I ever caught.  I couldn't stop laughing
#6-- Pays to fish through a rainstorm!  Thats when the BIG fish come out and feed!
#5-- And I named it Pigbow!
#4-- Best fish with the absolutely worst picture.  Yes its 25 inches and yes I caught it sight nymphing!  Wish the picture was decent or it might be #2.
#3-- Thickest Brown Trout I've every caught.  24 inches of pure joy!
#2-- This hog leapt out of the water four times and and fought bigger then the image indicates.  Amazing 23.5 inch Brown Trout that changed my life...
#1-- Largest trout I've ever caught.  27 inch Rainbow!  Should have measured the girth...this thing was amazing...and caught sight nymphing.  I mean wow!!

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