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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hackberry Canyon April 25th-27th

My final trip as an Adventure Trip Leader with UVSC was a hit! It went smooth and everyone had a great time. We took two cars running a point-to-point trip of approximately 22 miles. We entered at Round Valley Draw, a small slot canyon that required a rope to lower packs and several sections of scrambling. It was narrow and gorgeous. After several miles it met another canyon creating Hackberry Canyon.
The middle section was desolate yet strikingly beautiful. There was no water the first 12 miles of the trip but we packed plenty. Soon the water started flowing and we filled are bottles. The next 10 miles were virtually walking through or constantly crossing the river. It was incredibly watching this canyon go from a dry slot canyon to a huge water filled canyon. The last couple miles of Hackberry the canyon narrowed again and the water filled the 20 foot gap between 600 foot cliffs on both sides. It was spectacular.

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