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Monday, April 7, 2008

UVU Natural History Excursion- Snow Canyon/Zions. April 1st-6th

Another spring trip to southern Utah! This trip was unique because it is an actual class at Utah Valley University (I'm trying to get in the habit of calling UVSC by it's new name but it's weird). We took two Geology professors and one botany professor and pretty much hiked around Utah's Dixie learning about the rocks and plants. It was an absolute blast and much needed break from work and school.

The first day was a travel and set up camp day. We car camped in Snow Canyon the whole time, eating dutch oven cooking and living luxuriously with flushing toilets. Thursday we spent the whole day in Zions doing day hikes and listening to various lectures. I learn so much better when I'm looking, seeing, and touching. I was so much more riveted and excited to learn than in my Geology 1010 class from 3 years ago and I should actually remember a lot of the information.

Friday was spent in Snow Canyon hiking though the sand dunes, volcanoes, and the inside of some lava tubes. Saturday was split between St George and Zions. Sunday was slot canyons and red cliffs state park. Hiking around and exploring these areas was fantastic! The best part was I got Geology credit for the whole thing while not being in the classroom but seeing, touching, and having fun.

As a trip leader I was in charge of the food and transportation. Pretty easy stuff. I was only able to squeeze a couple of runs in though, but I got to know Snow Canyon quite well on those 60 and 80 minute runs. The trail system was fantastic although a bit sandy. Happy trails and stratification's!

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