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Monday, April 7, 2008

I have no idea what I'm doing in life or ultras, somebody please help me!

So I don't know what I'm doing. My schedule is a mess, my base training was horrible due to my hamstring injury over the winter, and I graduate in two weeks with no real solid plans in life. I wasn't able to run in the Antelope Island 50K due to my injury which sucked. I was pretty down for a while.
However, things have been getting much better. I am currently healthy and training quite well. I've been averaging 60 miles a week this past month so things are looking up on the running front. I'm looking forward to the BSTM next week and I think of Squaw Peak 50 virtually every day!
As far as the rest of the summer is concerned I am up in the air. I am for sure fast-packing the John Muir Trail this summer however I can't figure out what else to do. I am now the Assistant Scout Master so I will be camping with my scouts one weekend a month. I'm looking at several races this summer and fall to possibly run. I would like to gain more experience in 100 milers but I don't want to burn out or get injured again. Below are races that I am looking at doing. I probably won't even do half of them but at this point who knows. As long as I am having fun and enjoying it like in the picture above. Can't wait to get up on those upper trails. Happy Trails.

For Sure Events:
Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon April 19th 7:00 am
Europe with my wife May 1st-16th
Squaw Peak 50 June 7th

John Muir Trail July 25th- Aug 5th

Maybe Events:
Wasatch Steeplechase?? June 21st
Laramie 100?? June 28th
Devils Backbone 50? July 13th
Grand Teton 50 or 100?? Aug 30th
Angeles Crest 100?? Sept 13th
Moab 50?? Sept 21st
The Bear 100?? Sept 28th
Javelina Jundred 100?? Nov 15th

I'm leaning towards only running Devils Backbone, Angeles Crest, and then Javelina. Who knows though. Still no offers on a six figure salary position.

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