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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Prague, Czech Republic

I am well behind in my blogging and over the next week I will catch up on all my adventures ranging from Europe, Mexico, and Squaw Peak.

But my adventure in Prague was most surprising. I had heard great things about Prague but I was genuinely surprised by it's beauty. My wife and spent 3 1/2 days in Prague and never got bored! Mostly we just walked through the streets admiring the architecture and quaintness of this unique city. It really felt like we were in the 18th century. I was shocked by the colors of the buildings, the amount of beautifully preserved cathedrals, and the narrow quaint streets. The people weren't the most talkative but our stay in Prague was incredible.

Some of the highlights were: Prague Castle- Up on a hill it dominates the surrounding city and is gorgeous to walk through. St Charles Bridge- Try to ignore all the peddlers, but the statues, the views, and just the feeling of this area is incredible. Jewish Ghetto- Somewhat sad but at the same time quite amazing. The old cemeteries and synagogues are quite inspiring. Town Center- This square is awesome! Cathedrals, statues, ornate houses, and beautiful gardens. Best to find a little restaurant off this main thoroughfare like we did. Better food, quainter location, and cheaper. Of course all of these places will be in any handbook but they really are strikingly beautiful. The highlight of Prague was some cheap nosebleed tickets to Mozart's classic "Don Giovanni." It was unforgettable! Don't skip out on this charming city if you ever have the chance to visit.

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Caleb Manscill said...

Brian, it was good to see you at Squaw Peak, it's always nice talking with you. I'm glad you told me about your blog, I've added it to my Reader so I'll be able to keep good tabs on your adventures. Good luck with everything and lets hit the trails soon!