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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's up with Squaw Peak 50 2008?

So Squaw Peak 50 is less than 6 days away! Since getting back from Europe two weeks ago I have run nearly the entire course at least once. The training has been good and again I have high hopes this year. Here is an update:

Snow Levels: Don't freak out...the snow is not as bad as John was predicting a month ago. Expect snow starting when the trail leaves the road at mile 11. It will be solid snow for the mile climb/bushwhack, then off and on over the next 2 miles to Horse Mtn. There will hopefully be a dry shoulder to run on for part of that. Once over Horse Mtn there will be a slide path or two to cross but little else. Aid station #4 will be moved to mile 20 due to lack of access! Hopefully we find out more details from John before Friday. The next snow you see will be on Mtn Lion Traverse at mile 36. Couple of slide paths. Bozung Hill, mile 39, will be solid snow although once you crest the top it will be dry all the way down to Windy Pass Aid Station. From here the snow will be virtually solid for the first mile, which will suck, and then after that there will be a couple of slide paths to cross. We ran to Windy Pass on Friday, 8 days before race day and there was lots of snow. It is melting fast but some of the slide paths will be ice! So the total snow on race day will be between 5-6 miles. A little wet but it shouldn't make that big of a deal if you are familiar with running on a little snow. Plus the Rock Canyon climb and Bozung Hill are easier climbs with snow on them anyway!

Top Finishers: Not too many guesses here....Kevin Shilling and Allen Belshaw should battle this thing out for the victory, I'll take Kevin this year though. The trailer group will be more interesting this year. Erik Storheim and Myself are the two top returning finishers from last year but we have a bunch of newby's who could surprise us namely:
Karl Jarvis-2nd Moab 30K, 3rd Antelope 50K, 2nd BSTM, and Runner's Corner Team Member with awesome speed and great climbing abilities. He will be up there for sure!
Ryan Cooper- Colorado Boy with lots of experience. Ex-Montrail regional sponsor with lots of speed and experience.
Scott Eppelman- Team Injinji Member, USA 24-hr team member, but can this Texan handle this tough Mtn race?

Other probable top 10 finishers are:
Daniel Schmidt- After cramping in 06 and a wrong turn on 07 he will be coming back with a vengeance.
David Larsen- A consistent solid runner.
Rich McDonald- Great runner and been there before but is he prepared?
Shane Martin- This Runner's Corner Team Member stud is fit this year and ready to rock.
Dave Hunt- Ex-Runner's Corner Member and newly appointed Wasatch Speedgoat member is consistent but will his Zane Grey's experience effect him?
Matt Galland- Runner's Corner Team Member who has the potential but will he make this an A race?
Runner's Corner Team Members, all of which should be in the top 25:
Brian Beckstead
Karl Jarvis
Shane Martin
Matt Galland
Shaun Christian
Joe Martel
Marc Sanderson
New Woman Team Member- Marcee Christian

Good luck to all runners this weekend especially close friends and "customers" (I couldn't think of another word for all the people who come into Runner's Corner for are included in friends). Good Luck!

Personal Strategy- Last year I was in amazing shape but I went out way to fast. I'm looking to sit back that first half of the race and turn the heat on for the second half. Although my training has been a little inconsistent I'm hoping to PR by running smarter. Look out Squaw Peak 50!

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Karl Jarvis said...

Hey dude! It's been a while. Thanks for the update on the decreased snow up at Windy Pass - running with an ice axe could get nasty.
I'm going to try to keep back first half as well. Have fun in Mexico and see you Saturday.