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Monday, March 23, 2009

Antelope Island 50 miler Preview

So we are only a few days away from the Antelope Island races. Now the largest trail event in Utah with nearly 500 participants. With three events going on at once it should be quite exciting!

I'm excited to see what type of shape I'm in. Aside from my DNF at the Bear 100 I haven't raced since June of 08. Although my training has not been what I originally anticipated, I still feel like I can run a competitive race. I'm shooting for going under 7:30. The closer I get to 7 hrs the better, however, with my rather low winter mileage I'll be fortunate to hit 7:30.

The main competition should lie in two time winner Erik Storheim along with a couple of Colorado runners Tim Long and Nick Pedatella. Along with a slew of local Utah runners including Christian Johnson, Marc Sanderson, Shaun Christian, Rich McDonald, Roger Smith, Cory Johnson, Tom Remkes, Peter Lingren, Wade McFarland, Matt Connors, Scott Kunz, and probably several more unnamed runners, the competition should be unrivaled to any previous year. Plus,we have four Japanese runners including Hiroki Ishakawi, Patagonia athlete and 2007 Grand Slam winner. For all I know, they will come out and totally smoke us all. Hiroki should do well and has a very good chance of winning it.

The womens race should be Milada Copeland leading the way followed by Marcee Christian and Marci Lameroux. Of course there will probably be a few others but those three should definitely lead the way.

Last weeks mileage was good. 48 miles of 100% trail. I'll only do a one week taper for this event. It should be exciting!

For all three people that read my blog, say high to my wife who will be heading up the Mountain View aid station at mile 21/43. It will be the one with the big Canyon Sports tent. Give her a congrats as she is pregnant!


peter said...

As one of the 3 people who read your blog, I will certainly say hello and thank your wife for volunteering to spend the day with a bunch of sweaty, smelly runners.

Sounds like there should be some good company for you towards the front of the pack. Jim should be pleased to draw an international crowd.

Missy and Andy said...

Good luck Brian! You are one crazy guy!

Karl Jarvis said...

Judging by how many people have you on their blogrolls, you may have to add some zeroes onto that 3. Congrats on the upcoming baby!

Erik said...

Congrats on the baby! Get ready for an upper body workout pushing the stroller. I look forward to catching up on Saturday!


Brad Mitchell said...

Enjoy the run - I'm bummed I have to miss the 50K this year but thats the way injuries work. I'm already thinking of next year especially with the new course! Also amazing how large the overall field has become from just a few years ago. With some good names showing up this year I could foresee this run becoming quite popular as an early season tester.
Nikki Kimball is on the list for the 50K - if she's healthy, I predict she takes the overall win.
Run hard - give em' hell.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,
Thanks for including me with those impressive guys as contenders. I won't be up with them other than at the start line. I hurt my calf last week in a minor fall at Longs Peak. I think I can finish but won't be anywhere near fast. I think Nick P will run 6:40ish, so unless someone can stay with him he should be up there.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Brian Beckstead said...

Thanks for all the support. After my long interlude without races I haven't been sure who is still following. Thanks.

Brad-the mens 50k is wide open this year with little known competition and the womens will be so not interesting as Nikki Kimball should blow away the competition. Boring this year especially considering how stacked the 50 miler is.

Tim-sorry about the injury. I didn't run this race last year due to a last minute injury. Sucks. Come enjoy the course though because it's great! The course record will fall this weekend (unless it keeps raining) but by whom and how much? If Nick P. can run 6:40 he should be able to win. See you in a couple days.