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Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Training...Anyone else need some last minute Squaw miles?

I arrived home from Israel on May 5th. With Squaw Peak 50 getting close, I immediately began a relatively aggressive training schedule. Due to my lack of base and need for quick strength I have chosen to go vertical. In the last 12 days I have run 122 miles which in and of itself isn't that great, but it was with roughly 26,000 feet of vertical over 100% trail! Shockingly I feel decent although on my last run I was dragging pretty bad. After a couple days off I will hit the trails for one last week of mile cramming.

If you need some last minute Squaw miles, you are welcome to join me. On Friday May 22nd at 5:30 pm I am planning on running from Nuun's Park (mile 2) to Hobble Creek (mile 25) where my in-laws live. The following morning at 8:00 am I will start at the end of the asphalt (mile 26) and run as high as I can get which is presumably the base of Bozung Hill (mile 37-38) and back. Anyone is welcome. The Friday night run will consist of some snow and you will need a headlamp. If you need a ride back to Provo Canyon I can accommodate that. Preferably if someone could drop a car off in Hobble Creek that would be great as I am staying the night at the in-laws at mile 25. An 8:00 am start on Saturday should allow people who might want to come from longer distances and allow me the sleep I need since I will be running/shuttling until late Friday night. Should be good to get some solid miles in, see the course, the snow levels, etc. If you want to join me on either run then let me know via some sort of media...or just show up. Either way I will be there. The pace will be moderate. Looks like this week will be hot so stay hydrated!

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